Poker is one of the most versatile games, it can be said that this game has evolved quite a lot, and therefore we stop to think about what form will poker take in the future? In this article, we are going to analyze how it could be its destiny.

As we have discussed in previous articles, poker requires at least a basic study to understand its rules, to know that to play poker you need a deck of cards, chips, and a lot of skill. 

Gambling sites offer you very fun poker games, with excellent graphics and dynamics. However, can you imagine what other versions could be played if they made use of all the technological advances?

Games as iconic as Poker need to be reinvented, and that is why those who know this game know that its future will be promising. Imagine playing poker with a virtual reality helmet, wouldn’t it be fantastic? In fact, if you look for information on the Internet about it, you will find this idea becoming more and more popular. 

Players will be able to be transported to a whole new world, but at the same time more realistic due to the superior graphics.  3D environments allow gamers to experience something out of the ordinary, but, as ambiguous as it sounds, closer and closer to reality. 

If virtual reality comes to the poker world, the design and scenery of casinos will also eye-catching. Instead of the old-fashioned interior design, you will be able to have a virtual reality room to enter another dimension. And this will be through virtual headsets.

Virtual poker crossing borders

Imagine sitting at a poker table with five different players and having each player visualize a different environment. One of you could be playing in a casino in Las Vegas, while another could be at a table in a casino in China, would it be possible? Of course, it is, and this is thanks to virtual reality.


Virtual reality vs. augmented reality

When we perform our role of the virtual detective about online gaming we come across news like the Casino VR project that would be the first company to overcome this barrier in the virtual poker world. Their biggest plans for the future are to develop Casino VR so that it can encompass a wide variety of casino games.

 The idea of augmented reality is already looming as a futuristic option for playing poker. Augmented reality combines real-life vision with enhanced graphics to stimulate the user experience through their 5 senses.

If we think about the future of poker, we could predict that augmented reality could have a big impact. It is closer to the real world compared to virtual reality and makes use of sounds and graphics that enhance the sensory experience. 

Unlike virtual reality headsets, which can immerse you in a totally different, immersive environment, augmented reality plays with your senses to create the feeling that you are in a casino. 

If you don’t want to leave home you don’t have to, play poker, just put on the high-tech glasses and play online. And the most interesting thing is that it will not seem like you are at home, the augmented graphics and sound will create the feeling of being at a real poker table. 

However, virtual reality will reach the level of reality, live excitement, being able to share the joys with others who are present and toast, could poker through virtual reality be the precursor to the end of real casinos? I truly believe, and without fear of being wrong, that players could have similar sensations to the real thing.

What is certain is that a new business will be born with these virtual reality helmets, as gambling companies could sell the helmets or software to players, as a kind of membership fee, so they can play cards against other players from the comfort of their home.

To tell you the truth it is very exciting for poker lovers to be able to see the cards right in front of you in three dimensions and the dealers would be digital. 


You bet this will happen!

What would happen in virtual poker with dealers, knowing that they play an important role in casinos? well, the truth is that robot dealers have already been created, but this would be an interesting topic for another article. 

The goal of virtual reality will always be to provide a magical approach to reality. For example, if in the future you come across a robot croupier, you will likely feel in a more pleasant gaming environment. 

So, you already have an idea of how casinos will eventually look like in the future, a lot of things to see and even feel. In the coming years, we will probably see more developments in this exciting field.

No, the idea of playing against a robot is not as far-fetched as it may seem at first. If you are the only player at the table, you will have the opportunity to take on the competition and some fellow “gamers”, even if they are not flesh and blood can give you the fight in a masterful way.

Another of the qualities seen by gaming and technology experts is that robotic players allow poker players to focus on their own game and not pay so much attention to human gestures that often distract opponents leaving them confused when making a decision. 

The future of poker is surely bright. The frequent advances and technological developments will reach the market of this interesting game, generating new perspectives to the most popular card game in the world and the whole casino industry.

Are you ready to enter the world of virtual poker?…