horse breeds for races

The best horse breeds for races

To watch the best horse breeds galloping is indiscriptable, with their distinguished qualities, that make them the best for racing, and competitions.

In the USA, many equestrian events are celebrated, where horses can exhibit their abilities and intelligence. There are also all kinds of sport activities with horses.

In Latin America, horse racing is the most generalized horse activity, where there is considerable heavy betting.


What are the 5 best horse breeds for Racing?


Horses stand out for been sweet, elegant, noble, strong and docile. There are different horse breeds, but there are some breeds that are especial for sport activities.

Now, race horses should have certain especial abilities as strength and resistance, to be able to the best in the races. They also have to be well trained to run long distances.

Pure Blood horses are the best horse breeds in the world used for competing. Many equestrian centers are proud of their horses because they are all pure bloods.

Another noticeable horse breed is the Quarter Horse. It’s a beaty, these animals have been of great help to men from the past. They were used for transportation, war and entertainment.

In ancient times Horse Racing were common in places as: Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Syria. Today horse racing is very sophisticated and it is one of the world’s favorite shows.

The English Pure Blood


It is impossible not to consider this horse breed as the best pure blood horse in history. They are the fastest and they are the ones that have won more competitions than any other.

This high-class horse was tailored for sports: horse racing and jumping. The English mares were crossbred with Arab stallions; which were introduced in England during the 3rd century. In this way, along the years, English breeders obtained the ideal horse for the speed tracks.

They are usually brown, chestnut, bay, dark bay, black or gray, and their average height is 1,63 m.

Among the most famous pure blood horses in horse racing history are: Seabuiscuit (1937), Rufian from the 70’s and Frankel who won 14 races in 2012.


The Quarter Horse breed

Quarter Horses are of great resistance, they are very popular in the United States and around the world. Their outstanding qualities are the following:


• Race horses: with long legs and great musculature, to run faster.
• Exhibition horses: these could have an average weight of 550 kgs.
• Cowboy horses: these are greatly appreciated in the country side.


The origin of these horses is the crossbreeding of Arab, Spanish and English stallions, with hot blood horses as they are generally known.

They have an incredible speed of up to 88 Km/h and they are also very easy to train, as they are obedient, ideal for beginners. The are not very good for jumping, but are good at quarter mile races. They are versatile and easily adaptable to any environment.


The Andalusian breed


This breed is from Andalucía, Spain. It is a very elegant horse, its popularly called Spanish Pure Blood and it’s one of the oldest breeds in the world. The Andalusian horse is very docile, so riding and training is easy.

Additionally, they recover quickly when they get sick. They are mostly used for cowboy taming, or just riding for fun.

The Andalusian horse is and icon of Andalucía. It’s a must in all Spanish Equestrian festivals and events. The cost of these horses in an auction could be approximately 300.000 euros.


The Arab breed


This breed is so appreciated that it is frequently used in sport as: exhibition, pleasure riding, taming, and others. The horse is very resistant, it has a strong character and it is extremely intelligent.

It’s a hot blood breed, and this quality is very important for race horses, this gives it great speed and quick learning.

Many people think, that the Arab breed is difficult to buy, because of their high price, however, there are many who could purchase them. Having one of these Arab horses is an asset because they are resistant to most illnesses compared with other breeds.


The Appaloosa breed


It is one of the most famous breeds in the world, due to its great variety of patterned fur.

The majority are white back with round dark stains. They are talented in horse racing as in other sports like jumping, taming, and others. Appaloosas are an American breed and they require good care.

The Appaloosa is a quiet and docile animal, but it is also attractive and resistant, a unique and distinguished horse.


Why it is said that these are the best breeds for race horses?


Horse racing is a great show, filled with excitement, but the horse has all the merits and these 5 different horse breeds are the most outstanding throughout history.

Equestrian Centers are proving to have a lot of potential and usually have the support of millions of fans all over the world.