New betting sites and others not so new, that everyone have to know

New betting sites

Every day, new sports betting sites appear. Some of them are very good and have the potential to become icons in the world of online sports betting. Others may not be more than fleeting news in a local newspaper.

Knowing which are the latest betting sites have emerged is an almost impossible task to perform, since some of them only work in certain states or cities. They may not show up in Google search engines, or in the local news. For that reason, in this article, we will talk about the newest betting sites among those that are already established and that seems to have come to stay.

Let’s see what these are.

BUSR: one of the newest sportsbooks in the United States

This online sportsbook can be considered to be one of the new places to bet in the United States. Despite this, it already has more than 700,000 users.

With BUSR you can bet on who will win Roland Garros, who will win the next Formula 1 World Championship, and much more. Also, noteworthy are its online gaming quotas in motorsports, e-games, and horse racing.

Offers a welcome bonus of 20% up to $500. You will be able to use it in all its available markets (live, pre-match, future events, etc.).

Some main features:

  • It has a welcome bonus of 20% up to $500.
  • Odds on horse racing, greyhound racing, Moto GP, NASCAR, Indy Car, and so on.
  • Enhanced odds service up to 16% on tickets of up to 15 selections.
  • Special markets (which team will score the first basket, which player will go the furthest at Wimbledon, and so on).

Maxim Bet

Maxim Bet is another one of these new online gambling sites in the United States, although it is also licensed in the United Kingdom. Apparently, this is another new sportsbook that has managed to enter a world as revolutionized as sports betting.

For that, in addition to having attractive and intuitive software, Maxim Bet allows you to bet from the computer and also from the cell phone, through its free app.

Among its main attractions are betting on online sporting events and in-game betting. Also, of course, the main course of everything is the welcome bonus with the possibility of free bets up to $1000.00.

Some of the main features:

  • It has a welcome bonus of 100% up to $1000.
  • Maxim Bet covers all leagues from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MMA, and many more.
  • You can bet on several of the main sports such as golf, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and boxing, among others.
  • It has a free App.
  • Maxim Bet bets on a loyalty program that rewards the customer for each bet he makes.

Although it is not an advantage per se, in the course of this year 2022 Maxim Bet will open its own online casino. Among the new betting sites that have emerged in recent years, Maxim Bet is one of the best developed.

Illustrated Sportsbook

The iconic sports magazine has decided to enter the world of sports betting and has created its own sportsbook. Of the new betting sites that have emerged in recent years, this is perhaps the most specialized of all.

Sports Illustrated is one of the new sites with the highest level of customization. You can even rate your favorite sports, leagues, or events with up to 5 stars, and they will appear on your homepage. Only with that, you will save yourself the work of having to go looking for them.

Some of the main features:

  • Sports Illustrated offers on its site the possibility of receiving $50 by betting just $10.
  • This sportsbook has excellent promotions throughout the year and in the vast majority of its sporting events.
  • Free bets are another of the most attractive features of this magnificent sportsbook.
  • In-play betting.

Point Bet

Without a doubt, among the new betting sites, Points Bet cannot be missing. Just having both the online betting platform and one of the apps with the best user experience would be enough to include it in any list. However, this sportsbook has much more to offer.

Points Bet has one of the best user experiences among all these new sites described in this article. It has one of the most straightforward, and intuitive interfaces on the market.

Some of the main features of Points Bet:

  • Of course, one of the most attractive features is that of 2 risk-free bets up to $2,000.00 (500 for fixed odds and 1,500 in points).
  • You can perform In-plan betting and streaming.
  • Application for IOS and Android.
  • Wide variety of promotions throughout the year.
  • Integrate the most popular payment methods.


Tipico is one of the new betting sites, Tipico is one of those that is almost out of being new. However, it is one of the most innovative sportsbooks that we can find and has recently entered the betting market in the United States.

Despite not being one of the newest sites out there, Tipico’s software is only translated into 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian. However, it seems that it will have its version in Spanish very soon since it is looking to enter the Latin American market.

Some of the main features of Tipico:

  • One of its main characteristics is the variety of sports that it has integrated. Among the sports offered are Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Stock Car Racing, Tennis, and so on.
  • In Tipico, you can access all the main leagues and events of all the sports it covers.
  • It has an excellent variety of promotions every day.
  • Tipico also offers live games, rapids bets, increased odds, and so on.
  • The casino of this sportsbook offers one of the most varied collections of games of chance. Many of the best promotions are found in this section of the sportsbook.

On the other hand, it is one of the few sportsbooks that places a special emphasis on people with gambling problems. Tipico alerts about these problems and puts telephone numbers and web addresses where help can be received.