Online betting NYC

The entry into force of online betting in NYC was expected since last November 2021, the first five sportsbooks that would start were revealed. These first five would be followed by another dozen houses that are awaiting authorization but have already applied to enter the online betting market in New York City. Of course, you

How to become a legal bookie?

How to become a legal bookie? Anyone who wants to become a bookie shouldn’t just settle for that. You have to become the best bookie and, also, a legal bookie. That is what will give you the necessary prestige to transform your business into a beacon that leads bettors to a safe harbor: your safe

How does live betting work?

How does live betting work? Nowadays, many people engage in live betting. Because they can experience very thrilling moments and at the same time, they can enjoy their favorite game or sport. While you get more involve with the betting world, you can obtain much more experience and this is the key that you need

Benefits of live betting

Benefits of live betting The main difference between live bets and prematch is that there is no need for a preliminary analysis of the teams’ play. Sports betting right during the match allows you to enjoy the game of your favorite club and react to events on the field at the moment: a live bet
Betting on the Oscar Academy Awards

Betting on the Oscar Academy Awards

Betting on the Oscar Academy Awards   The Academy Awards popularly known as The Oscars, are the most prestigious awards in film. Held annually, the Oscars are the hallmark of Hollywood (and the entertainment world as a whole), where awards are given for excellence in cinematic achievement. In addition to the glamour of the Oscars,