Bookie betting software

There are many things a bookie can do to improve their business, and one of those things is getting the best betting software. It is true that it is not the only thing you can do, but it is the main thing. Betting software is essential to compete as a bookie, and it depends on

Gambling business names

One of the first and most important decisions we make when we start or want to start, a business, regardless of its type, is the name. The name is an extremely important part of any business, so it cannot be taken lightly. Of course, when it comes to choosing some gambling business names, we also

Online betting NYC

The entry into force of online betting in NYC was expected since last November 2021, the first five sportsbooks that would start were revealed. These first five would be followed by another dozen houses that are awaiting authorization but have already applied to enter the online betting market in New York City. Of course, you

Bookmaker software

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to be successful in a business without good software. At a minimum, every business, from the smallest to the largest company, will need some software for something, at some point. However, bookmaker software is a must if you want to enter this exciting world of betting. What cannot be missing in

How to become a legal bookie?

How to become a legal bookie? Anyone who wants to become a bookie shouldn’t just settle for that. You have to become the best bookie and, also, a legal bookie. That is what will give you the necessary prestige to transform your business into a beacon that leads bettors to a safe harbor: your safe


What should bookie software have? Whenever we talk about the perfect bookie software, or the best bookie software, we always think of those features that define or validate our claim. Therefore, we have made a small selection of five must-have features of any bookie software. State of the art bookie software That is exactly as

pay per head bookie

Pay Per Head online bookie software The world is constantly evolving, and we can see this daily, and in any sector of our society. However, the digital world is the one that has evolved the most in the last two decades, and even more so, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason,

Bookie website software

The chosen software for a bookie website is what will define your success or failure as a bookmaker. Selecting the best bookie website software is a very delicate matter if you haven’t done it before or do not have adequate advice. That is precisely what we seek to do. We want to show you what

Betting strategies

For bettors, this is, maybe, the best customer service ever! There is much written about winning sports betting strategies, and nothing is definitive. Each bettor, professional or not, can choose already established systems. Or create your own as experience allows. But managing to put together a coherent system with which to make our sports betting

Online betting for horse racing

Do you bet on horses? A few years ago, it was not so unusual to see your father with many horse betting slips in hand; in addition to the football ones that are still very popular today. For that reason, we have prepared this selection on online betting for horse racing. Did you know that