Betting strategies

For bettors, this is, maybe, the best customer service ever! There is much written about winning sports betting strategies, and nothing is definitive. Each bettor, professional or not, can choose already established systems. Or create your own as experience allows.

But managing to put together a coherent system with which to make our sports betting strategies work is not easy, it requires a lot of time and analysis to achieve.

The fastest and safest way is to try strategies already proven successful. This is to the extent that the strategies to win sports bets allow it, of course.

To help you create good sports betting strategies and systems, below we will leave you a small list of the most effective ones if they are used properly and with the logical quota imposed by chance.

Top 5 Winning Sports Betting Strategies

The Paroli System

This is one of the winning sports betting strategies with the highest rate of effectiveness. Simply: this consists of a betting system where our stake increases as our profits increase.

So we have that our stake…, our amount of money at stake, will increase as we hit a greater number of bets.

With this strategy, we are free to decide how much of the winnings we use to raise the stake, and how much we reserve as winnings. A useful option is to establish a fixed limit in the form of a cycle when making our bets: when we reach a certain number of successes, we save the profit and return to the initial stake amount.

This sports betting strategy has similarities to parlay. But the Parlay forces us to bet all the winnings, and with Paroli we reserve an amount.

Let’s take an example with numbers:

We’ll start our bet with $2, at odds of 2,00. When we get it right we charge $4, and of these $4 we reserve a part. On our next bet, we pay $4.00 at odds of 1.85. Naturally, we win, and then we collect $7.4, and the cycle begins: we will reserve a part and bet the rest.

In the third bet, then we play $6 (initial $2 + the $4 won in the second bet).

But if it had been the case of losing the second bet, in the third we would only play the initial $2, without compromising the profit.

Fibonacci system

This system is based on the famous numerical progression of Leonardo Da Pisa, better known as Fibonacci.

It’s very simple to explain: it’s an infinite numerical sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…), a chain in which to know which number is the next one only has to add the previous two digits of the string (0+1 = 1; 1+1 = 2; 1+2 = 3; 2+3 = 5; 5+3 = 8…).

So: How do we apply the progressive Fibonacci sequence to betting strategies, for example? And more importantly: Is this strategy safe?

We’ll start by saying that the Fibonacci strategy is ideal for those who can start with a high amount of money. Because it doesn’t matter if you lose fourteen times in a row, on number fifteen you’ll get it all back and walk away with a profit. How? Let’s see that right now…

How to bet using the Fibonacci system?

To begin with, the best recommendation is to choose odds around the limit of 2.0, not less, to minimize losses. A good option is to bet on ties. Because the odds rarely go below 3.0 as it is very difficult for a bookmaker to predict.

In the first bet, our stake is $1, and we lose; the next one will also be $1, and we lose again. Then, following the Fibonacci sequence, we bet $2, then $5, then $8, and this time we win…

The final calculation results in an initial investment of $15, with a hypothetical fee of 2.61. And we win $20.88 on our winning bet, making a profit of $5.88.

After getting, it right, we start again by betting $1.

To the tie! – Winning sports betting strategies

And since we were already talking about betting on a tie, let’s continue along that line and talk about another of the best strategies in sports betting.

Popular myth holds that the greatest benefits come from betting on a winning team. But let’s remember that statistically, one out of every five games ends in a tied score.

The odds of a tie are usually high, and it is not uncommon for them to exceed 3.0. This gives a fairly low probability of success. Therefore, many aspects must be taken into account if we want to come out well using this system. Let’s list a few.

How to place bets on the tie?

The first thing is to choose teams that score few goals, teams without scoring figures, or that their top scorer is injured or suspended. Fixed draws are another thing that requires a keen eye to spot. Indeed, they aren’t very common anymore. But there is always the possibility that it will happen if it is a result that benefits both rivals.

Another point is the teams with long streaks of draws. This badly has to do with luck, and much with the philosophy of the team’s DT. Teams like Southampton, Racing, and Zamora CF.

So you have to choose teams that are, preferably in the middle of the table, with a tendency to be under 2.5. And this is more common to find in leagues like the French or Argentine, full of under teams, with greater chances that their matches end in a draw.

Bets on +2.5 goals

Of all the strategies in sports betting, one of the ones with the longest tradition among bettors around the world is betting on +2.5 goals.

Here, what you bet on is the number of goals scored in a match, not those scored by a specific team. Of course, you can’t score two and a half goals, so at least three goals have to be scored.

The probability of three or more goals being scored in a match is no longer as common as it used to be. The teams over the years have been polishing their strategies, especially defensive. So scoring a goal can become a real miracle.

In soccer, there are leagues like the Dutch and Swiss, Liga MX, and the Bundesliga, in which many goals are scored. However, the odds for these matches are very low, so it is usually not worth it.

To detect which games are more likely to end with 3 or more goals, you have to carefully study the percentages of results. In addition, it is necessary to cross the average goals per game of the different leagues, the weather, the intensity of the schedule, casualties, and many other variables.

The same goes for other sports.

Combined betting systems

This is one of the sports betting strategies preferred by professional bettors. However, the possibility of exponentially multiplying the betting odds carries a fairly high risk.

In this system, we can group several bets, combined as a general forecast. This allows us to obtain good results without the need for a large investment. And with the advantage that if we fail one or more we can compensate for the losses thanks to the successes since by combining events, their odds multiply.

Calculating these odds is not complicated, since they don’t exist as a priori forecast, but rather we make 2 or more individual accumulators ourselves, grouping them into an overall forecast.

For example, to calculate the possible result in a system of 3 accumulators, we multiply the odds of each prediction. Then we multiply our bet by the final odds of each accumulator, and we end up adding the possible outcomes of each accumulator to obtain the final figure.

Do you have to calculate the odds on combined bets?

We don’t need to calculate the odds for accumulator bets, because the bookmaker itself will do this automatically when entering the events in the betting slip. If you have any doubt, call customer service. It’s always available.

Let’s see what happens in the hypothetical case that we make 3 combined bets with identical odds and bet a similar amount:

  • 1st Combined quota 3.00. $10 bet
  • 2nd Combined quota, 3.00. $10 bet
  • 3rd Combined quota 3.00. $10 bet

Let’s see then what happens in case we hit one, two, all or none:

  • We agree:
    • One : (3×10) = $30 – $30 (investment) = $0.
    • Two : (3×10) × 2 = $60 – $30 (investment) = $30.
    • All : (3×10) × 3 = $90 – $30 (investment) = $60.

Winning sports betting strategies: conclusions…

In short, the winning strategies of sports betting are very varied. Each offers its pros and cons. And, in short, everything will depend solely on you, the one that best suits your experience, investment possibilities, and personal tastes.

But what is certain is that, after reading this article, you are ready to go to any bookmaker. And then try to see how it goes with any of these sports betting strategies that we teach you.