Baseball betting software: how to take advantage in betting business

Baseball betting software

Baseball is probably one of the most analyzed sports in the betting world when it comes to data collection, which makes it difficult to beat the markets without access to software that offers in-depth analysis.

Each sportsbook software platform also provides many statistics and forecasts updated in real-time. However, it is always good and healthy to compare it with other software that is more specialized in a specific sport, such as baseball.

Now, it is worth clarifying that this baseball software is not for betting, but the compilation and analysis of statistical data. It is what differentiates sportsbook software from these. However, since information is power, this software will give us an advantage when placing baseball bets.

What are the top three free tools baseball bettors can use to gain an edge? We have taken it upon ourselves to investigate it. These are the results.

MLB analysis can be tricky. It’s one thing to understand that WAR is superior to older stats, but it’s quite another to understand how WAR is derived and how to apply that knowledge to MLB betting. Here we present the three main tools that will help you in your search for an advantage when betting on baseball.

Baseball betting software: Fangraphs

Fangraphs software is the next step in the evolution of baseball fandom, continuing where Bill James and SABR began and Tom Tango and co-authors of The Book continued. The website publishes dozens of articles a day, each one purporting to develop stories with a deeply analytical approach. This is innovative information, whose authors develop new statistics and their corresponding strategies for the reader to see.

The value that the Fangraphs software offers for baseball betting comes in two ways. First, it’s a fantastic database, in which each player’s season is broken up in dozens of ways, dissecting just about every accessible element of the sport.

Do you want to know the performance of a player when facing left-handed pitchers? In the games that are played during the day? In the last week, month, season, or throughout your professional career? All that information is easily accessible and well organized. Read the stats carefully, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the results you can expect in each match. Though that’s just the starting point.

The most important element that Fangraphs offers is achieved through looseness. Understanding the statistical evolution of baseball is no different from understanding a language, and the more you read, the more fluent you’ll become.

Reading this website once a day for a month can give you clues as to what to expect. If you continue to read it daily, you’ll have a soft spot for baseball that even the players don’t have. They know how to play, but they don’t understand what leads to victories. The fact that your bets depend on that understanding, makes the software Fangraphs an invaluable tool for your baseball betting.


While Fangraphs can be counted on to keep you evolving, it can’t do everything. Notably, Fangraphs is not the birthplace of StatCast data. I mean, if you want to take advantage of the next wave of baseball’s evolutionary analysis, you’ll have to try somewhere else. Visit BaseballSavant.

By comparing and contrasting a pitcher’s hits with the opposing hitter’s misses, you’ll have a better idea of the type of hits those hitters will have on a particular night.

In layman’s terms, StatCast tells us how hard a ball is hit and at what angles, how fast fielders run, how direct their drives are, and a bunch of other information that’s incredibly helpful in determining how truly effective a player is.

It’s one thing to know that Mike Trout hit 29 home runs in 2016; it’s quite another to know how often he hits balls that could be home runs. The difference is that the latter is more significant in determining value bets.

The type of data that Savant offers is especially important when you know the starting pitchers for a particular game. Search for a player, and you’ll immediately be presented with data such as average exit velocity, zone breakdown, launch angle, shot breakdown, and much more.

By comparing and contrasting a pitcher’s hits with the opposing hitter’s misses, you’ll have a better idea of the type of hits those hitters will have on a particular night. This is incredibly valuable information, it is available for use by the public.

Although most expert bettors are using it, the casual ones are not. Taking advantage of baseball betting, or any other sport, is crucial, and for that, we show you this magnificent software.


If we give another twist to the StatCast example in the BaseballSavant section, we find Brooksbaseball, the online bible of pitches. It tells you everything about a pitcher using PITCHFX data to represent incredibly clearly how a pitcher pitched in every game of his career.

Clicking on a player’s name brings up an overview of the pitcher along with a basic description of his pitches backed by reams of data. For example, if you look up Clayton Kershaw, you might learn that he threw 28,439 pitches recorded by the PITCHf/x system between 2007 and 2016; including pitches in the MLB regular season, MLB playoffs, and spring training.

In 2016, he primarily used his four-seam fastball (94 mph) and slider (89 mph), also using the curveball (74 mph). He rarely threw a gear (89 mph) and a slow corner (47 mph).

In addition, each of Kershaw’s 28,439 pitches has been recorded and plotted, resulting in available information including speed and motion (both horizontal and vertical), where the hand is when throwing the ball, and so on.

The lesson to be learned from this software is that if you are going to bet on baseball, being at the forefront of betting is up to you. The data is available and not used by casual bettors, meaning expert bettors have a shot at beating what has long been considered a settled game. Take a look at these three websites and get comfortable applying their advantages to your gambling.

Of course, always use them as a complement to the one provided by your sportsbook. That is the best of all.